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Social Media

Get your all of your social media updates in one place.

News Media

All of the worlds top news media in one place.

Calendar and Events

Your personal calendar and local events at a glance.


Critical tools such as world clock, local weather and traffic at a glance.

The Overview Team

Product management, project management, graphic design, ui/ux design and full-stack development (Java, jQuery, AJAX, Django, HTML)
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Joel Lefkovitz

Business Development
Joel has over 10 years of ecommerce, project management and consumer internet business development experience.
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Darwin Molero

Software Engineer
A programmer since 1998 Darwin honed his skills through time in concepts and Agile methodologies with expertise in Django Python backed with strong Ajax, jQuery and Javascript.
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Srinivas Kotagauni

Graphic Designer
Srinivas is our extremely talented graphic designer specializing in new media and user interface design.

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